The Smallest City In America Is Right Here In Atlantic County


ATLANTIC COUNTY – When you think of a city, places like New York and Los Angeles probably come to mind. Of course, there are smaller cities. New Jersey has Newark, Camden, Jersey City, Trenton and dozens more. While many are some of our largest municipalities, the “city” designation is actually dependent on form of government, not population. The exact definition varies by state but New Jersey has 5 types of local government – village, borough, town, township and city. Our smallest city is among the smallest in America.

Corbin City is located in Atlantic County, adjacent to Tuckahoe and Estell Manor. Established in 1922, the current population sits at around 500 and is 8.9 square miles, 1.25 square miles of which are water.

Austin Corbin was known to be ruthless, greedy and a notorious nativist. Few alive today know why the town took on his namesake. Born in New Hampshire and operating out of New York City, he has few ties to the area. However, at least in the present day, Corbin City does not reflect Austin Corbin’s beliefs at all.


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